In the early 1960's the Carleton's founded Notelrac Boxers. Their foundation bitch was Maid of Darkness, a Ch. Salgray's Fashion Plate, SOM daughter. The later purchase of Treceder's Drillmaster from the Treceder Kennels of Texas was the beginning of their breeding program. Drillmaster was campaigned and became a champion, while Maidy was used solely for breeding.

In the early 1970's another dog, who later became Ch. Notelrac's Major Beau, SOM, was purchased by Notelrac. From these few dogs, the Carleton's bred the following Champions:

All of the "Notelrac" Champions were finished all or in part by me as a child. During this time I worked as a handler's assistant, and in the late 1970's established "Encore Boxers".

The last litter produced by Ch. Notelrac's Major Beau SOM, out of Ch. Mac-A-Nor's Sirocco Suzi Q was bred by the Hickam's of Kameo Boxers. From this litter the Hickam's gave me the pick puppy in gratitude for campaigning their mother. This bitch later became Ch. Encore's Kameo Debutante.

"Tante", as she was so fondly known, became the foundation for "Encore." Tante was from a litter of five, three of which finished, the other two being Ch. Kameo's Show Girl and Ch. Kameo's Creme De La Creme. A fourth sister, Notelrac's Kameo Lady, was almost finished but her owners could not continue to show her at that time. A daughter from her last litter by Ch. Marquam Hills Trapper of Turo SOM, LOM, Armaugh's Kashmir of Notelrac, DOM has carried on the line for us.

All breedings are planned here at Encore with the phenotype and genotype of each dog in mind. Special attention is paid to temperaments as well as the health of the individual dogs being bred. Hours and hours are spent studying dogs, their pedigrees, and their progeny.

All of my bitches are cleared for Sub Aortic Stenosis and have passed a 24 hour Holter before they are bred. Careful consideration is given as well to the stud chosen for each litter. If the stud is alive or was alive when heart testing began, we require that they be tested as well.

If I am using frozen semen from a long deceased stud when no such testing was available I research as many health factors as I can, including the stud's longevity, the longevity of his siblings and sire and dam, and his progeny's health testing.

Each breeding is carefully planned to insure that each and every puppy produced is free from hereditary defects. I cannot however guarantee that a puppy bought from Encore will never develop any hereditary or congenital health issues.

I offer a great many studs from top producing and winning pedigrees. Please refer to the Stud Page for particulars on each of them.

At Encore my focus is on the whole dog, health, temperament, beauty, and brains. I am extremely proud to have been the breeder and/or owner of the following Sires of Merit and Dams of Merit. A/C Ch. Encore's Bismark, GSOM was honored by the American Boxer Club as Stud Dog of The Year for 2014.

The following champions have been produced at Encore.

Very proud of my Bred By Class Winners at American Boxer Club National and Regional Specialties.

The following performance dogs have been produced at Encore.

The following Registered Therapy Dogs have been produced at Encore.

I invite you to browse through the site to see my dogs, Past, Present, and Future. You will find a lifetime of Boxers here!