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Encore's Java Jolt, CDX, NA, CGC, PD1




Sire: A/C Ch. Berlane's Causin' An Uproar CDX, A/C SOM, A/C LOM
Dam: Ch. Encore's Allure, DOM

March 2001 - October 2011

Java was "Mr Personality". I will miss how excited he got when I picked up his leash..... and he knew which leash was his, or when I asked if he wanted to “go for a ride”. He could rival any border collie on the spins he did when I was putting down his food bowl, but would wait patiently for the “release” to start eating. He accomplished a lot in his life - Certified Delta Therapy Dog, Obedience CDX with 2 high in trials, Rally Novice, AKC agility novice titles and Performance Dog 1 from the USDAA - but first and foremost he was a member of the family. He taught me a lot, and most of all he taught me to enjoy life and every once in a while throw in a boxer zoomie.... Kay

At 4 months of age Java was photographed doing a stay for the cover of a training book, "Quick Clicks" by Mandy Book and Cheryl Smith. At 7 months he passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test.

While continuing in his formal training Java has also learned a multitude of "tricks," which include sneezing on command, lying on his side to "bang," and all important, coming when called - off leash.

All behaviors were taught on a buckle collar using clicker training which is a no force method of training specially suited for Boxers.

At the October 2002 Del Valle KC Java qualifies for his first leg towards his CD title with a score of 186. This was his first time in competition.

November 2002 and the Salinas Valley KC see Java qualifying for his second leg towards his CD, this time with a score of 183!

As you can see from the photo above, it is "full speed ahead" for Java in Agility. Java placed second in the "Gamblers" class on this day and looks forward to formal agility competitions this summer. In a recent agility "fun run," Java placed 1st out of 35 dogs. We could not be more proud of this young dog's accomplishments.

Java begins his Agility career with a BANG! In his first runs, at the Redwood Belgian Tervuren Fanciers Agility Trial he garnered two qualifying scores and placed first in the Standard Class and first in the Jumpers With Weaves, beating the next fastest dogs by 7.4 and 6 seconds respectively.

June, 2003 sees Java garnering his third leg to attain his Novice Agility Title. Again placing first from an impressive group of dogs, this time at the Monterey Bay Dog Training Club Agility Trial.

Java earns his coveted CD title at the September 2003 Fremont Dog Training Club with a score of 185 under Mrs. Loretta Dillinger. Quite the "circus" when a Rottweiler 3 dogs down got up and stared chasing a Cavalier around the ring. Java held it together and only got up when the Rottie bumped into him on his merry chase. Thanks to an understanding judge Java and the Cavilier were allowed to do the long sits over again. Can't beleive a Boxer held it together and didn't join in the fun! Many kudos to Java's owner for all her hard work!

In his first outing in the Open Class at the February 2004 Golden Gate Boxer Club Specialty, Java was first place in Open and High In Trial for his 1st Open Leg, with a score of 189 1/2 under Ms. Jill Urbina. All credit must go to owner, trainer, and handler Kay Chandler for all of her hard work with Java. Kay continues to do all her training and showing of Java on a buckle collar. I must say, that I could not be more proud.

To see him in action the morning of the specialty was quite a thrill. As she did an about face, Java spotted a young girl at the end of the mat, who of course when she saw him coming toward her just had to stretch out her hands to him. Being the Boxer we all know and love, Java could not resist slowing down and peering over at her, but quickly realized that he was off task and whipped around to join Kay. It was wonderful to see such a happy working dog, enjoying himself!

At the April 2004 Sacramento KC Java received his second Open leg with a score of 180 1/2 under Mr. David Maurer.

April 2005 at the Sacramento Valley Boxer Club Specialty Java received a score of 184 under Mr. Bavilaqua and was High in Trial. Ironically Mr. Bavilaqua gave Java his first qualifying score in the novice class for his CD and now his last qualifying score in the Open class for his CDX.

Kay says this is probably as far as she will take Java in obedience, but will be concentrating more on agility this summer!

Congratulations to both for a job well done!

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Kay Chandler

Cheryl A. Cates ~ Encore

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