Purchasing A Show Puppy

All show potential puppies purchased from Encore leave with my life long commitment to them and their new owners as a mentor and supporter. The commitment to purchase a show puppy should not be taken lightly. The following summary provides a "general" idea of what to expect when you purchase a show potential puppy from Encore. Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

  • Puppy will be cropped before it goes to its new home or by a vet approved by me.

  • Puppy will be raised so as not to stifle his outgoing character.

  • Early socialization will already be started and new owners are expected to continue it through all fear periods.

  • Training will be geared towards the conformation ring until his championship is attained.

  • Puppy will be crate trained so that when he does attend shows he will be accustomed to the "show routine."

  • Puppy training and handling can be done by the new owner should they desire, and if they are successsful I have no problem with their handling and finishing the puppy.

  • Should the puppy require a handler to finish his championship, he will be handled throughout his show career by me, at my discretion, or a handler I approve of.

  • I will evaluate the puppy at 2 to 4 month intervals to ascertain the optimum time to begin showing.

  • Upon reevaluation, by Cates, if the puppy does not meet the requirements to be a show or breeding dog, the original purchase price will be refunded down to a pet price.

  • Puppy will be shown approximately one weekend a month initially and as he matures, more often, until he attains his championship.

  • The owner will pay all fees incurred in the showing process, with a champion typically costing between $6000. and $9000. in handling fees to finish. Note fees are paid incrementally.

  • My fees involved in the showing process can be accessed from the Handling page of this web site.

  • If you do not want to go to the shows yourself, you will be required to make arrangements to meet me to facilitate your dogs getting to the shows.

  • Every attempt will be made to show the dog when it is convenient for the owner, but the dog may be required to be gone for short periods of time during its career.

  • All show dogs purchased from Encore will be required to pass certain health tests before they are bred.

  • All Encore show puppies are American Boxer Club Futurity nominated, and if it is determined by Cates that they are competitve they are required to be shown at the American Boxer Club National Specialty. Cates to have first right of refusual to handle at the ABC National.

  • Additonal show and handling information is available in the Handling section of this site.

  • Purchase prices for show puppies vary and start at $3000., uncropped at 8 weeks of age.

  • Please provide two references with contact information.

Additionally please provide general information as requested in the Pet Puppy Questionaire as well any addtional information including a brief history of your show experiences and short and long term breeding/showing goals.