What To Expect From Your Handler

  • You should expect that your handler would provide you with a written Rate Sheet and/or Contract in advance.

  • If you have hired a top handler, you can expect that they will be busy and that there will be ring conflicts.

  • You should expect that your handler will show your dog or make arrangements to have it shown by another competent handler or assistant if there is a ring conflict. time is available to groom and prep your dog for the show.

  • You should expect that there is a seniority system that your handler works on, you should know what it is, and expect that it will not change from show to show.

  • You should expect to pay for services rendered on the day of the show, unless arrangements have been made in advance to set up a monthly account.

  • You should expect an itemized monthly bill from your handler, which includes ribbons and trophies from the corresponding shows.

  • You should expect your handler to make time for any questions that you might have regarding your dog.

  • You should expect that your dog will receive immediate medical attention if necessary, and that you would be notified of such.

  • You should expect that your dog is safe at all times, either in a crate, being exercised in a pen, or being walked.

  • You should expect that your handler has the appropriate equipment to care for your dog while in his possession.

  • You should expect that your handler would bill you for shows for which you have missed entries, or that you contracted for but fail to attend, unless there is a family emergency or your dog is ill.

  • If you are unhappy about some facet of your handler/client relationship you should discuss the problem and seek to rectify it before you opt to change handlers.

  • You should expect 100% honesty and loyalty from your handler.

  • You should expect that your handler is human and might make a mistake, but that it is just that, a mistake.